Funtastic Friday February Field Trip

In our homeschool I try to schedule at least one field trip a month (and more if I can!) We love to get out and have hand's on fun and learning. February has been a rough month to get a field trip in due to all the snow and ice. (This fieldtrip was cancelled the first time due to the weather.) Sweet Pea and Tutti Frutti were particuraly excited about this field trip. Partially due to the anticipation of waiting and the other because of where we were going.
Our field trip choice for February was "Whippersnappers"

Whippersnappers is an imaginative play area for children ages infant to 8+. They offer open play times and birthday parties. They also offer Mother's day out oppurtunities. Each month they have a list of special events such as Paint Day, Drive in Movie day with goodies to munch on!

The whimsical interior immediately attracts children and gets their imagination flowing :)

Imagination Stations!
No technology needed here! Sweet Pea and Tutti Frutti spent a couple of hours in their own make believe world! The variety of props, costumes and toys they could be anything they wanted :)

Sweet Pea has always wanted a horse :)

Tutti Frutti's Favorite was the Animal Hospital and pretending to be a Vet!

The indoor climbing wall was a HUGE hit!

Not only did we have hours of great play but Whippersnappers also included a craft time. Which just put this field trip over the top for Sweet Pea and Tutti Frutti.

The end product: these super cute frogs!

I encourage any family with younger children to visit Whippersnappers if you are in the Middle or East Tennessee area. It is located in the heart of the Cumberland Plateau in Crossville, Tn. If you would like to have more information you can visit Whippersnappers here.

Where have you taken a field trip to this month? Any suggestions for our March field trip?
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