My #1 Curriculum Resource

 My #1 Curriculum Resource…

I will have to say before I found Cathy Duffy I was swimming along in all the choices of curriculum just going with complete curriculum sets that “guaranteed” successful learning. I spent thousands of dollars on these curriculum choices only to find that they were not a fit for me or my children. Like most new homeschoolers I had a fear that my children would be missing some valuable piece of education if I didn’t go with what seemed to be the “traditional” school route. I also found myself at loss of how to plan and organize curriculum that didn’t come in a complete set. Then one day while visiting a used bookstore I stumbled upon Cathy Duffy’s “Top 101 picks for Homeschool Curriculum”. Out of desperation, I purchased the book and immediately took it home and began to pour over the pages. I finally had found what I had been looking for.  When someone asks me what I recommend for a new homeschoolers curriculum, I automatically refer them to Cathy Duffy’s “102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum”.

Not just curriculum reviews…

The great aspect about “102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum” is that it is not just a book of curriculum reviews. Cathy Duffy has also included valuable information on how to find your approach to education, along with your philosophy of education and your child’s learning style. All of which play an important role in finding the right curriculum. Even if you’re a veteran homeschooler this book is a valuable resource to have on hand. I refer to my copy every year before choosing Sweet Pea and Tutti Frutti’s curriculum.
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